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VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner ) Review

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Industry Leader is one of the largest and best known vacation rentals sites around. VRBO popularized the term "vacation rentals by owner" ! was purchased by the WVR Group which also owns Homeaway and many other vacation rentals sites


100,000 plus is a very large vacation rentals site with more than 100,000 listings, making it the largest vacation rentals by owner web site.


US with lots of International is a US based "vacation rentals by owner" site, although it is so large that it has extensive listings in 90 countries. The only continent that VRBO does not have listings on is Antarctica !

Visitor Traffic

High report that they get 2.5 million visitors per month. As with any vacation rental by owner site, the amount of visitors to any particular listing will vary depending on location, price, property type etc. See the above chart for VRBO's latest Alexa traffic ranking. Many owners report that they get most of their bookings from their listing.

Ease of Use for Advertisers

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Ease of use for Renters


Possibly because VRBO is one of the older vacation rentals sites, the user interface lacks some of the glossy features of some of the other sites. Search facilities on VRBO are mostly by geography, without the "advanced search" feature found on most other "vacation rentals by owner" sites. However, the "text search" on VRBO allows you to enter a number of keywords to find suitable "vacation rentals by owner" properties.

Renters visiting VRBO can see how often each property has been viewed using a page counter which is useful for determining the popularity of  particular properties.


 $299/year is not the cheapest option, but as one of the market leaders in the vacation rentals market, VRBO is reasonably priced for the services offered. VRBO also no longer charge for updating photos.

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