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Vacation Rentals By Owner Site

Basic Cost

Free Trial

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Google PR



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Adventurepads Vacation Rentals by Owner






Adventurepads Review


Campaya Holiday Rentals by Owner 

Euro 2 per genuine enquiry




Campaya combines properties from private home owners with properties from bureaus

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Big Bridge






Free listings. Company also provides inquiry and reservation management tools and last minute advertising.

Discovery Holiday Homes for Rent by Owner

Holiday Homes






Flipkey by Tripadvisor

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Florida Rental By Owner





Holiday Lettings Holiday Rentals by Owner

GBP 219/ year or 3% Commission




More holidaymaker visits than any other UK site

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5 The UK's number 1 holiday rentals website  

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Incircle Holiday Rentals by Owner

�57.6/ year

1 Year



Holiday cottages in the United Kingdom

One roof




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  Panoramic Villas

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  Rent In Spain

�10/month 1 month 300  

Specialise in Southern Spain

Holiday Homes in Spain

Holiday Homes in Spain

$199 / year




Holiday rentals in Spain

Spain-Holiday Review

Top Travel Angebot




4 German travel portal for holidayhomes, restaurants, travel offers and more
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Free to list N/A 100000+   Leading Review site
Vacation Home Rentals
Vacation Home Rentals
$99/ year 60 Days 11,000 5
VacationHomeRentals Review - Vacation Rentals by Owner 





The world's most visited vacation rental website

VRBO Review
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Comparing Vacation Rentals Sites : 

Start on our home page, where you will find a table comparing basic information on many of the more popular vacation rentals sites. Information provided includes the basic annual cost to list your vacation rental, whether or not the vacation rental site offers a FREE trial (and if so, for how long),  the approximate number of vacation rental properties listed on the site, Google's PageRank for the vacation rental site and, in some cases, a link to a detailed review of the vacation rental site.

We also have a number of regional pages, which provide similar information to our home page for vacation rentals sites that focus on a particular geography. Hence, if your vacation rental property is in the US, you should check out the US Vacation Rentals Sites page. We currently provide pages for US Vacation Rentals Sites, French Vacation Rentals Sites, Spanish Vacation Rentals sites and European Vacation Rentals Sites, all of which can be accessed from any page using the navigation table on  the left hand side of each page.

From the US Vacation Rentals Sites page, you can also access pages that provide comparison information on vacation rentals sites that specialize in particular regions of the US ( e.g. California Vacation Home Rentals or Florida Vacation Home Rentals.)

The basic information in these tables should at least give you enough information to determine whether or not you should add that particular site to your short list for consideration. However, before deciding to list your property on a particular vacation rentals site, you will want to do more research. This can be done by visiting each vacation rentals site ( easy to do from our comparison tables by clicking the link to the site, which opens a new window in your browser) or by studying our vacation rentals site reviews

Vacation Rental Site Reviews

We provide detailed reviews of many of the more popular vacation rentals sites. These can be accessed either by clicking the link from  any of the comparison tables, or from our Vacation Rentals Site Reviews page. Our reviews page also provides the current Alexa traffic ranking for each vacation rental site we have reviewed. This is a very useful indication of the relative number of visitors to each vacation rental site : the lower the Alexa traffic ranking, the greater the number of visitors that a site attracts. This is a very important factor in assessing how likelihood of a vacation rentals site generating bookings for you. ( Please see our article on Comparing Traffic on Vacation Rentals Sites for more details )

 Our reviews provide lots of detailed information on each vacation rentals site. At the top of each page, you will find a chart of the Alexa Traffic Ranking for the past 12 months. This allows you to see how the popularity of the vacation rentals site has varied over the last year. In the body of the review you will find information on the key features, both from a vacation rental owner's point of view, as well as from the perspective of a potential renter. This highlights any unique or distinguishing features that this vacation rentals site offers. You will also find links to comments from other vacation rental owner or renters who have used this vacation rentals site. If you wish, you can also leave comments based upon your experience. These comments are reviewed by our staff before inclusion on our web site.  

Finding Free Vacation Rentals Sites

If you are interested in finding sites that will list your vacation rental for free, sign up for our newsletter and we will send you a list of FREE sites.

Useful Resources for Vacation Rentals Owners

We have compiled a list of useful resources for vacation rentals owners  that you will find useful. This includes links to books, magazines, tools and services relevant to the vacation rentals owner. For example, many of your renters will be interested in Cheap Flights and it is worth providing them with information on airlines that provide cheap and affordable tickets to your holiday destination.

For more details, please see our Vacation Rental Owners : Tips for Using this Site


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Add a site : If there is a vacation rentals by owner web site that you would like us to consider adding to the above, please contact us with details. Also, let us know if there is anything you would us to add to our Vacation Rental By Owner Forum



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