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In March 2008 we had our first negative experience with a vrbo rental. The place had not been cleaned before we arrived and no clean sheets meant people aged 60-89 slept in chairs at our $555/ night unit at Kahana Maui. Later in the week the electricity was shut off for non-payment, for about an hour.  The owner, Don Kogle, agreed to talk about a rate adjustment, but then ignored all emails and phone messages.
I rented a 3br/2ba house at 4925 W. Roberts Dr. Santa Ana, CA in Mrch of 2006 using VRBO. The total for 3 nights was $610, which was more than they advertised in the listing, but cheaper than most other listings. The house we rented was clean and smallish, and the owners, to our surprise, we living in the other side of the ranch house. So when we went out on the garden patio, they we looking directly at us thru their patio door! On top of that, I got a parking ticket for street cleaning because we had to share the driveway with them.
So a caveat for all VBRO users, check to make sure that you will not be sharing the house, unless the lack of privacy doesn't bother you! If I had to do it again, I would just find a hotel/motel close to the beaches.
We always check VRBO first when looking for a vacation house/condo and have never been disappointed with the price or the rental. Using the VRBO site is easy; pictures download quickly and information is accurate.
VRBO is good for offering a large number of rentals in a particular (US) location. However, the availaibility aspect is a disaster - a lot of properties say you should check their availability chart before contacting them but we found not one of the charts on VRBO had a single date entered although they were often fully booked for the period we wanted
Summit Peaks South is a property to stay away from. VRBO has many excellent properties to rent. This is NOT one of them. Make this your last choice as the owner ripped our family off. Even after numerous correspondences, he continues to blow us off. Do yourself a favor. Enjoy your vacation renting from someone else.
We are very disappointed in how the VRBO allows the owners to screen  comments they donít like! We rented a condo from Chris in Sandpoint, Idaho at The Seasons for 8 days (VRBO  127485) I have used VRBO many times without a problem, but Chris will not return our deposit . He said he was simply too busy running his two companies, he didnít even attempt to explain why !  He told me if it was so important to get it back I should not have rented from them. He finished by telling me not to bother him again. This brings up a potential problem for all renters of VRBO listings, what recourse do we have!  On our next trip to Idaho we are going to file a small claims action, but unless the court date falls at a time we are in Idaho, it is not worth the plane ticket to appear and try to get our deposit back. VRBO needs to revise their system and provide some security for renters.


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