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If you are thinking of selling your vacation holiday rental property, there are a number of sites listed below that you should consider.

 Vacation Home Sale Site  Web Address Number of listings Comments

All Star Vacation Home Realty


  Florida Based

Buy Sell House


1,000 Vacation Homes in the EU

Escape Homes


1,000 US Vacation Homes



3,500 European and International Vacation Homes

Sun Fun TownHomes


  Town Homes close to Disney

Vacation Home Finders



Vacation Home Mall



Villa Direct


  Florida Based

2nd Home



Selling a Holiday Vacation Rental Home Tips :

1. Use a reputable agent who can market your holiday home to the right buyers.

2. Be realistic on your price expectations. Benchmark what buyers are paying for similar holiday homes in your area, taking care to adjust for any special features.

3. Prepare your holiday home for sale. Minor maintenance and repairs, some paint and even some fresh furnishings can make a big difference to how buyer's perceptions and interest in your holiday home.

4. Timing is everything. You may not get much interest in your holiday home during the off-season , so try to sell when the demand is highest.


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