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If you are thinking of buying a vacation holiday rental property, there are a number of sites listed below that you should consider.

 Vacation Home Purchase Site  Web Address Number of listings Comments

All Star Vacation Home Realty


  Florida Based

Buy Sell House


1,000 Vacation Homes in the EU

Escape Homes


1,000 US Vacation Homes



3,500 European and International Vacation Homes

Sun Fun TownHomes


  Town Homes close to Disney

Vacation Home Finders



Vacation Home Mall



Villa Direct


  Florida Based

2nd Home



Whether you plan to buy a vacation holiday rental  for the pleasure of having a second home or purely as an investment, your vacation holiday home is a significant asset.

Buying a Vacation Holiday Rental Home :

1. Location, Location, Location : Whether for personal use, rental returns or capital appreciation, no other single factor has a bigger impact on how satisfied you will be with the buying of your vacation holiday home. Think carefully about the location of your holiday home before you buy.

2. What Type of Vacation Holiday Home ? How much space do you need in your holiday home ? Are you planning to have family and friends stay ? What is the rental market like for holiday homes ( apartments or villas) in the location you have chosen ? Do you want or need access to a pool ?

3. Use reputable Estate Agents. When selecting an Estate Agent, get advice from others who have purchased a vacation holiday home in your chosen location to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company. The right real estate agent will work with you to understand what you are looking for when buying a holiday home and will help you narrow the search to good quality properties that match your needs.

4. Visit a lot of potential holiday homes  .. and return more than once: It is easy to get swept up in the enthusiasm when you view a property that looks like the "perfect" holiday home on a first visit. Second visits will help you more realistically assess whether this holiday home is really suitable. Visiting several potential holiday homes will allow you to compare your options and make sure that the holiday home that you select is the most suitable and represents good value.

5. Benchmark the price of the holiday home you plan to buy: Look for similar holiday homes in the same area to make sure that you are paying a fair price. 

6. Get a professional inspection report from an independent source before you buy your holiday home. Finding any problems afterwards is expensive !

7. Always get qualified legal and tax help. It's worth the money in the long run, particularly if you are buying a holiday home overseas.


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