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Please also see our FAQs to find out more about our vrbo site review process.

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FAQs:  COHR Vacation Rentals by Owner Site Reviews

Q. How do you select vacation rentals by owner sites for review?

A. We want our reviews to provide the maximum value to visitors to our site. In prioritizing which sites to review, we take a number of factors into account, including our own direct experience, requests and comments from vacation rentals owners, requests from vacation rentals site owners and our overall judgment on the level of interest in that vacation rental site.

Q. Who conducts the review?

A. Most of the reviews are conducted directly by Compare Owner Holiday Rentals staff. We also solicit input from guest reviewers, although overall editorial control of the review remains with Compare Owner Holiday Rentals. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, let us know.

Q. How does the review process work?

A. The reviewer personally assesses the selected vacation rental by owner site, based upon a number of criteria, including size, geographic focus, key features for vacation rental owners and renters, anticipated visitor traffic and cost.  The reviewer will typically also either have direct experience advertising on the site, or will create a trial listing for the duration of the review.

Q. Do you solicit comments from other vacation rentals owners during the review process ?

A. Yes, we solicit comments in various usergroups, forums and from advertisers on the selected site. These comments are included in the “owner comments” section of the review.

Q. Do you solicit input from the vacation rentals site owner?

A.  We normally advise the vacation rentals site owners that we are conducting the review. Once we have created a draft review, we normally provide them with an opportunity to correct any inaccuracies and provide comments to us on the review. However, our travel web site reviews are completely independent of the reviewed sites.



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