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Vacationrentals is a good value site for US vacation rental properties. Vacationrentals is now owned by the WVR Group , which also owns many other vacation rentals sites.



Vacationrentals is a large vacation rental web site with about 20000 listings.


US with some European

Vacationrentals is a US based vacation rental web site site with some European listings, particularly Spain and France. Most of the rental enquiries tend to come from the US.

Visitor Traffic


Vacationrentals don't publish overall traffic figures, but see above chart for their latest Alexa traffic ranking. During the 2 month free trial, we had a small number of enquiries, including one booking with this listing 15949 in Nice, France. Considering Vacationrentals is primarily a US vacation rental web site, we consider this quite a good result. Also, several vacation rentals owners report good experience with attracting renters ( see owner comments)

Ease of Use for Vacation Rental Owners


Easy to register your vacation rental property and update information on Vacationrentals.

Vacationrentals provides statistics on the number of visitors. Keeps a log of all enquiries you receive for easy tracking.

The description your enter on Vacationrentals is relatively "freeform", relying on you to include  features in your description rather than capturing them by selecting options in forms.

Ease of use for Renters


Vacationrentals search facilities are fairly rudimentary, focusing of browsing geographically. 

Although vacation rental description pages on Vacationrentals are fairly simple, they are clear and avoid the confusing levels of detail of some other sites.

Renters can see how often each property on Vacationrentals has been viewed in the past month / year, which is useful for determining the popularity of  particular properties.



Vacationrentals 30 day money back guarantee is very useful for determining if this site works for your property.

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