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a1vacations (a1 Vacations ) Review

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Large US site now part of Homeaway

a1vacations was one of the larger vacation rentals sites around. Although is still exists in it's own right, a1vacations is now part of the Homeaway vacation rental network. Vacation properties on Homeaway are listed on 4 separate sites i.e.Homeaway , Cyberrentals , Greatrentals and A1Vacations.


55,000 for a1vacations, over 95,000 for Homeaway

a1 vacations  is a large sized site, focusing primarily on the US vacation rental market. However, it has almost 10,000 vacation rental listings for Europe. In addition, as part of Homeaway, is in a network of more than 95,000 vacation rentals by owner listings


US with lots of International

a1vacations is a US based "vacation rentals by owner" site, although it is so large that it has extensive listings in other countries e.g. there are almost 6,000 vacation rental listings for Italy.

Visitor Traffic


As with any vacation rental by owner site, the amount of visitors to any particular listing will vary depending on location, price, property type etc. See the above chart for a1vacations's latest Alexa traffic ranking.

Ease of Use for Advertisers

Not Reviewed

We have not reviewed this aspect of a1vacations. However, Homeaway recently launched tools to assist owners on a1vacations and Homeaway claims to offer an integrated environment across all 4 of it's sites, plus they offer a guarantee of effectiveness.

Ease of use for Renters


a1vacations has a nice, clean user interface and search functions are good. One nice feature is that you can type in your destination and a1vacations brings back a list of vacation rentals. You can then refine your search by number of bedrooms, amenities etc


 $299/year as part of Homeaway

Although you might consider listing on a1vacations on it's own, it is probably better to consider taking the Homeaway listing package. Although it's a little more expensive, you are actually listed on 4 vacation rental sites and over time, we expect the Homeaway sites to become more integrated.

Owner Comments

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Renter Comments

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Other Comments


a1vacations is one of the largest vacation rental by owner sites

We are always interested in getting comments from others who have used this owner vacation rental by owner  web site, so if you have comments on a1vacations, please let us know.




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