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Vacationrentals411.com is the best free site out there. Disclaimer -
I do not know the site owners, have no interest, etc.

I have had a listing with Vacation Rentals411 for a few years now. I have received many
inquiries and some bookings from them. They often outrank A1 and
cyberrentals for referrals and sometimes even vrbo.

About a year ago I decided to try the bid thing to move my listing
up. I deposited $25 via PayPal and it has lasted what seems like
as soon as I did this I got a lot more views and inquiries, so it did
pay off, but with or without it, I received inquiries and bookings.

VacationRentals411 gives you a free listing with up to 9 photos. They will also
link to your personal web site. Updating info is easy. VacationRentasl411 listing
pages are easy to navigate and understand. I can go in and get a
complete list of every inquiry I have ever had through them. My only
complaint is that my photos are not clean and clear looking... I
tried a few times to replace them but the problem persists. I don't
know if it originates on my end or on theirs.

I highly recommend this listing service. How can you beat free AND
results? If anyone out there isn't listing on this free service,
check it out.

I just signed up with vacationrentals411

They don't give any statistics that I can find. Busy looking page. The
calendar won't work on free listings. I believe that listing is always free,
but you pay extra for more info/calendar.

I signed up in August. I have had 4 inquiries, one of which booked.
I signed up with VacationRentals411 in August – no inquiries yet. I will say that our Vacation Rental is in a more remote area so this is not too uncommon with Vacation Rental sites for me.

I did deposit $25 so I don’t know if this is why I have calendar and counter functionality. VacationRentals411 are in the middle of the pack in terms of hits on my ad. I did use the bidding function and I currently pay .01 per click to be the top listing (out of 11) in my area. They do not allow you to link to other calendars, which means another calendar to keep updated.
I have a listing with VacationRentals411 with no inquiries. I hope I get some soon :)
I can tell you I have been happy with our results on VacationRentals411.
I guess it would depend upon the location you are advertising but we get a lot of responses in winter and not many for summer from VacationRentals411
Do a quick search for “your location vacation rentals” if vacationrentals411 shows up in the top 10 for Google, I highly recommend bidding to be in the top 3 ads placed for your area at vacationrentals411. Within a week or 2 of doing this, my inquiries from them have shot up, and I received my first booking, at a fraction of the cost of many other sites. Like any search based listing, the first few results get more traffic. I also like how they allow me to run special offers via their calendar, though I wish the offers showed up more obviously. Much more owner friendly way to “pay for positioning” than vrbo!
VacationRentals411  is not only easy to "set-up" your posting it's easy to maintain as well. It ranks well as an intutive site, and unlike many of the vacation sites-- their availability calendar is prominently displayed and therefore used by visitors. While it took awhile for the detailed views of my property to build, the wait was worth it. Now I recieve as many inquiries for this site as I do for vacationrentals.com. And I just booked my first full week. This site is EXCELLENT. (Owner in Destin, Florida)
VacationRentals411.com is one of the first free sites we posted on. The only sites we have paid for are vacationrentals.com and greatfamilyvacations. Vacations411.com is highly intuitive for both owners and for renters. At first the page views trinkled in slowly -- but all of a sudden we are getting inquiries several times a week -- typically for week stays. And we just had our first booking. We would have had more from this site, but we didn't have availability. We haven't participated in the "bidding" process but will do this later on. It's easy to maintain the site -- and they have a great calendar that is eye catching. It's easy to view their metrics as well...highly recommend this site. (Owner in Destin, Florida)
Got a great result with VacationRentals411, a 2 month booking from the free listing. I love the lay out of the web site and ease of use, unlike VRBO which I think looks messy but I may try them next and see what happens.



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