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I have had an ad for 4 years with Vacationrentals which has produced excellent results and bookings for my property in the south florida market
We've been very pleased with Vacationrentals --it's been our best performer during the short time we've been renting. We just bought and started renting our vacation home in Sept. 2005. As of October 13, 2005, we've received 11 inquiries and 3 bookings (each for a full week). And, that was just during the free trial...we've already signed up for the year. btw, our home is located in Maine, performance may vary by region.
I have had more inquiries and rentals from Vacationrentals than any of the others I have advertised on.
Vacationrentals has quickly become an important site for my properties in Georgetown, Maine; Oceanside, California; and Palm Desert, California. Vacationrentals are the second largest paid advertising source in my portfolio as far as bookings go! An excellent value for the vacation rental owner.
My husband & I started out on Vacationrentals in January 2004.  Between vacationrentals & VRBO & one rental from findrentals.com free trial, we rented most of the summer.  We added our second cottage in 2005.  Have had only one renter from our second ad and the inquiries and renters from our first ad dropped way back.  Only one this summer from our first ad.  I let the second ad go, & was told I had 2 inquiries for which I had to pay to get the info.  I would not as it has turned unprofitable.  I plan to let the first ad go also if things don't change.  I found as my price went up, (we started very low) the inquiries dropped.  I also found the quality of renter was often not so good and frequently they were looking for the lowest price.  Had one low price seeker get verbally abusive with me over the phone.  I am having much better success with VRBO, Perfect Places & vacation Home Rentals.  Not good on Cyberrentals, new to me this year, only one rental for Memorial weekend & a few other inquiries that for one reason or other weren't good.  Findrentals has given me a couple of good repeat customers, but seem to have dried up.  Hope Cyberrentals pans out as my fellow Washingtonians say it's been good for them. (Owner in Washington State)

Vacationrentals was my first paid site and I set it up myself. Super easy. Very intuitive. Much better response than the 3 free sites I took the time to enter. I have an agent having a slow summer using vrbo and cyberrentals so I wanted to see how I would do. He only rented 2 weeks and that was to a business associate. I rented 5 weeks by using marketing ideas and saw immediate results. I like the Vacationrentals site. Complaint. The page must be refreshed on my computer to see changes I've made to the ads even if they are reloaded and I do not think that is normal. I need to let Vacationrentals know but other than that no complaints.
(Bob Schmidt Foster, RI)
Vacationrentals.com is a poorly designed site that is in dire need of a "facelift." However despite that this site is a magnet for renters. It does well in google rankings and I have booked 5 weeks already this year. You can view your metrics, and note that for Florida you pay a slightly higher annual fee. (Owner in Destin, Florida)


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