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I am happy with VacationHomeRentals performance, during the trial I had many
hits, 12 enquries and obtained one booking. Of the other 11 enquiries
I was already booked or had not updated my calendar for the booking
secured earlier in the day. One in 12 is a good ratio for me, so I
definitely signed up for a year's listing.

I have other sites that are claiming 300 hits a month and in 2 years
have only had 14 enquiries and 1 booking. Definitely will not be
renewing that site as I have transfer their budget to VacationHomeRentals.


I am new to the biz (July). I have been using VacationHomeRentals since around 7/8/05:

1015 visits to my page
46 visits to my web site from my link
152 views of the availability calendar (they have their own that I have to
update outside of Rentors.org)
25 e-mails/inquiries
0 bookings.

VacationHomeRentals were pretty easy to set up, and I like my page.


I have completed my trial listing with VacationHomeRentals and know it expired because
I have received 2 inquires in the last 2 days with the pertinent
information blanked out until I paid for the listing.  I have had 26
inquiries from them, which is nice, but NO bookings!  Several(hadn't
checked how many) were last minute and I stay booked fairly well in


I have my property listed on a few different vacation rental sites.  VacationHomeRentals has not brought me any rentals as of this time.


We are very pleased with the response we get from VacationHomeRentals and we also have another home on it  (#1031)on the OR coast.


I have a Maui condo posted on VacationHomeRentals and I recd 65 inquires last year. I booked several reservations from these inquiries, so I have elected to renew for another year.
I have a 2nd (expired) free trial with VacationHomeRentals. The first time, when they used another name (I forget what it was), I got a few inquiries and no bookings. This time, I have gotten 2 inquiries (1 of which was a very off-season inquiry 2 days after my trial expired )
As well as I like the VacationHomeRentals setup, I will not be signing up with them. I took advantage of the free trial, and while I did receive inquiries from the site, no bookings. I do not approve of one of their ways of recruiting paid Vacation Rentals. After my listing expired and I asked to be removed, my listing still remained. I would receive inquiries with the info blocked off and VacationHomeRentals requesting payment to view the complete inquiry. I think this is poor service for the renter. When you inquire about a property you expect a response. I don't want my perspective guests treated this way. Luckily one of the two inquiries recently received from them, inquired through another site as well. So I was able to respond to him and not leave him hanging.  (Dana Point,California)
I signed both my cottages up on VacationHomeRentals before the trial listing for the first had expired this spring.  I have received 3 weeks of summer rentals and a three night fill the gap rental from them.  Several more inquiries, one scam. (Washington State)

I signed up for the VacationHomeRentals free trial yesterday (June 28) and we got our first inquiry last night.  Now that is what I call results!

I'm relatively new to this (renting by owner), but I've done a lot of research into the various listing sites.  All of them have both good and bad reviews.  All of them work well for some but not others.  All I can say is you have to try them yourself and see what works best for you. (Colonial Beach, VA)

VacationHomeRentals site has not worked out very well for us. We found out about them here on COHR and so gave them a try. We did the free trial listing which basically yielded nothing. Not entirely their fault as we have a very popular property with a fairly full calendar. Therefore, the few inquiries that we did receive were in conflict with existing bookings. The big problem that we now face is that since our trial has expired, we are now getting inquiries that we cannot answer (return email hidden) unless we prepay for a year. Apparently, VacationHomeRentals are leaving our listing out there even though it has expired. They have limited our access such that we cannot delete or edit our listing or account in any way. We have emailed them twice to remove us from their site but they have not done so nor do they respond ! Obviously, this can only make us look bad. Please help us escape !!!!! (Kihei, Hawaii)
Vacation Home Rentals is one of my top producers for North Carolina. Definitely worthwhile.
Do yourself a favor, try their 60 day free trial. I did and vacation home rentals has by far gotten me the most rentals. I can only rent by the month so it's a little tricky. My regular tenants were getting too old to travel. I started last June with no summer rentals and within a week on the free trial I had one. All be it at a very competitive rate but I got a monthly rental in July. Within the month I had another rental for September. And before the 60 days were up I had rented out up to my high season regulars. I got a June 2010 off season rental here in December of 2009. Works for me! Their site works well too. The photos show well and with their captions and in the right order. Not like some other paid sites. I have found that their notion that they may have a fewer views but fewer listings per location so more exposure for your listing than the really big sites seems correct. I got one of those too .. three times the money for just one monthly rental. I i could rent weekly I could clean up with just this site.
They do produce superior results. Try it free for 60 days.


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