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Christine Karpinski, Author of -"How to Rent Vacation Properties by Owner-" gave us a whole new prospective on several vacation rentals that we own.

Mrs.Karpinski's understanding on this subject comes from the "front line" she was and remains in the vacation owners "trenches", she " has been there and done that."

Not sure which came first the chicken or the egg, but somehow and fortunately HomeAway.com and Mrs. Karpinski are working in tandem to make the Vacation Owners World a much better place to live.

My wife and I looked into HomeAway, joined the site and subsequently HomeAway introduced us to Christine via a seminar they sponsored. I hate seminars, until this one.

Christine made it really happen for us with her full day presentation. She entertained with her "renter stories", was professional, organized and just fantastic. Mahalo Christine and our thanks to HomeAway.

Quess it really doesn't matter which came first the chicken or the egg, cause we NOW have our properties laying some Golden Eggs.


(Owner in Hawaii)

I'm happy so far with the response rate I'm getting from HomeAway. The area where I feel they need to improve is with the turnaround time on support requests, property postings, and especially traveler reviews. Their business hours are Monday through Friday 8-5 Central time, and they do not appear to have customer service coverage or anyone reviewing pending content after hours or over the weekends. It takes several days for a new listing to post and several days for traveler reviews to be approved and appear on the site. Since positive reviews are the lifeblood of our business, I expect a faster response, especially considering that this is one of the most expensive listing sites. I would also expect extended customer service hours since I manage advertising and other aspects of my properties primarily on the weekends and after my work/business hours.


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