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Daltons Holidays is my main source of advertising.
Daltons Holidays is yery useful and worth using
I have only just started advertising on Daltonsholidays..... the house has been there for less than a week .In the 3 days it was on last week 18 people clicked on the ad. And since  yesterday 14 people have......... so here's hoping!
I advertised in Private Villas ( the magazine) costing 800 for the year and because of that got a 50% discount on Daltons Holidays online. I hope it's worth it....!
I have only been on Daltons Holidays 2 weeks and so far I have only had 1 enquiry
although the stats for viewing of my site are high. This is pretty poor
particularly as the advert is expensive comparing it with other
advertising websites. However I have a friend who advertises her villa in Lanzarote
on the Daltons Holidays site and has found it excellent .I emailed a couple of other
owners before I placed my ad and they both said they
found it an effective advertising site so I live in hope!!!!!
There are a great deal of villas ect. advertised on the Daltons Holidays site so the
bookings certainly do not come flowing in but you do pick up one from
time to time. The good thing is that you have full control of the web site
and can edit your advert when ever you want

I have been very disappointed with DaltonsHoliday and I have not renewed my subscription this year. I have less then 10 enquiries through the year and no bookings. My property is in Italy and Daltons Holidays  have very few adverts for this area. I am concerned that Daltons Holidays don't have a lot of visibility on web searches.


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