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I am happy with the Villarama site, I get good responce. (Owner in Spain)


Very much satisfied with Villarama ( Owner in Italy)
I started web advertising with Villarama in 1999(property 1516)  when they were based in London, and there were humans at the other end of the phone line! I had 3 or 4 years of well increased rentals on Villarama compared to the local newspaper,  the draw card being that it was a lot less expensive than two lines in the paper,  even though their fees were perhaps double that of now. I suggest that for people now searching for rental properties on the web it must be like the needle in the haystack story: the internet is now saturated with a quagmire of rental properties and dozens of sites all offering a similar sort of advertising product. Also I sense a lot of us are suffering from a type of internet fatigue and can't be bothered sifting through loads of pages unless you are on a specific mission to find something.  I have noticed around a 50% annual revenue decline perhaps since 2002 ( post 9/11 ?)and this summer is particularly poor for bookings on both my properties. I have noticed a steep decline in the enquiry numbers from Villarama.  This could also be a result of my lack of enthusiasm to spend more money by subscribing to those bonus add on advertising features they sprook, and now my location on their server is probably in a dusty corner. 

I also advertise through VRBO, which has also slowed down on the number of enquiries , but is better than Villarama. When the next Villarama  renewal demand for payment arrives (which I must say annoys me with it's abruptness, no please or thank you, just pay up now or you'll be removed without further notice ! )  I'll consider exiting Villarama for another provider,  or phase in another and cut Villarama in the next couple of years. But it's the old
question of which horse to back,  I'll be watching your site and comments with interest. (Owner in France)

Enquiries I can count on one hand two of them SPAM, Bookings nil. After nine years renting our apartment the last three have been disappointing. My honest opinion is that Villarama for us is not working, and we need to look else were or retire. (Owner in Spain


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