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I have been with Homelidays for 2 years now and requests for rentals have increased every year with about 20 weeks rental in the last year.
Would recommend it. (Owner Malta)

I have always had success with homelidays especially requests from France for Chez Rogers, L'Absie, Deux-Sèvres, Poitou Charentes
We had our property on Homelidays for 18 months and didnt receive a single booking and only a few enquiries. Yet other sites with the same photos and information provided 90% of our rental income. Also didnt find Homelidays customer services very helpful.
Homelidays is great value for money. first. time used and have rented our property 100% with ease. (Owner property in Tunisia)
Hi , I have found homelidays by far the best for enquiries for my property
in Turkey. 1 enquiry from villarenters, click4homes and holiday havens

Homelidays has delivered more than most but all French and Italian.  However per booking it has been quite expensive.  It is relatively user-friendly but I don't like the fact, given how costly it is, that if you make changes to your page the whole thing is disabled until they have reviewed it.  This means you have to avoid changing things on Friday or over the weekend, which is when most people are looking.
Homelidays comes up if you google 'free' listing, however, their totally free only covers properties in places such as Outer Mongolia. It took me 3 weeks to get beyond their robot email replies to a human (had to be a human - spelling mistakes)! You can get a free month by adding their link to your own site but thanks to their having given me 2 member numbers I can't get back into the ad even to update the calendar!


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