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This is our first year with holidaylettings and it has been quite good for us. Lots of enquiries but not that many bookings as most of the enquiries were for weeks that were already booked. Had 3 actual bookings with them but got much more through the other site we advertise on. Its very easy to set up an advert and make changes when you need to.
I finding Holidaylettings  very good. Excellent customer service and plenty of reservations (Dublin, Ireland)
Had very few inquiries on Holidaylettings. Made all changes to my ad that they reccomended, but still no inqiries. Got talked into joining the site at an exhbition, but never got anywhere near the inqiries they promised.  I was promised 30+ per month, but was getting 3 max. none most months.
Asked for my money back, but they didn't want to know.


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