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We listed with Holiday Rentals  for our home in NC OBX and they have been dismal two inquiries, no bookings. AND they were by far the most expensive. If I were in FLA, I think the result may have been different but definitely not worth it for NC properties!

Holiday Rentals are clearly the best in the world from our experience - more bookings than all other sites put together. However, their customer service has deteriorated badly since the change in ownership. And I would definitely not pay anything to go on their US sites - response is very poor and mainly spammers
I would just like to let you know that from a property owners point of view in Spain that the enquiry rate from Holiday Rentals has deteriorated dreadfully over the last 6 months, it is now awful.
I used Holiday Rentals for 4 years but gave up on it this year. They had only given me 3 bookings throughout that time and none in the last 18 months. I had more success through my own web site, which only costs 10 a year to run! They wanted nearly 200 on renewal. As they had not produced anything I have decided to try other paid for sites. I think the problem is that they have too much on their site and that a potential customer has too much choice especially as they could not search by price. So unless you are near the top in the search you do not get seen. I know they are not a good site as the apartment next to us only uses this site. I use several and get 4x more bookings. When they ask me why I get more I just say it is my web site. Well I know competition is good but you do want to give it away do you!


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