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Note : As the time conducted this review ( Feb 2006) , Cyberentals was recovering from a significant downturn in visitors. This is reflected in the comments that are listed below. In due course, we will provide a further update of comments from vacation rentals owners.

As one of Cyberentals harshest critics during their design change,
I'd offer a caution on your review -- they're in a huge transition --
and from what I've experienced (a complete drop in inquiries at
first, and now a return to steady production) any review you might
make today could be irrelevant based on the speed at which they're

Cyberentals are the 600 pound gorilla in the market right now. Whether
that's good or bad for our businesses remains to be seen. But I'd be
sure to temper any negative reviews that may just be a hangover from
the headaches that now seem to be behind us.
Wish I was seeing the 'return to steady production' as I only saw the 'complete
drop'. I do agree that compilation of opinions at this time wouldn't tell us anything. It's
possible that Cyberentals are just trying to get back to where they were one area at a time, since
different places are getting better results. However, this is a busy season for summer beach
reservations so I would have hoped that we would be next after ski places.
Cyberentals is huge for me right now.

I am so glad my renewal wasn't due until Jan. Because if you had
asked me back in September I would have passed on them.

Now Cyberentals are producing 70% of my inquires, several a day.

FYI - Cyberentals is #2 for me in the past 6 months!!!!!!!!!!! And they were almost -0- before that!
Cyberentals has been "0" for the past year ... including during the last 6 months ... up until I dropped them 2 weeks ago and switched to VRBO. What a difference! I immediately started getting inquiries (and 1 booking, so far). I know, I know ... its the location! BUT ... I am only 1 state away from where they started out AND they USED to provide great results for me (& others in my area: Maine Coast) during my first year (2003) with them
I too hated the 600 pound Cyberentals gorilla. Was going to pull them; but all
here convinced me to try one more time. Thank you. As of two weeks
ago I have had two real rentals for summer 2006. A few things changed
for me, maybe this will explain why things are working, finally!!!!

Better blurb on the property, and more photos. I got the photos after I
got the rentals. What is interesting is that this week I added 4 extra
photos. Suddenly, after a year of trying to have my first preferred
photo shown as the thumbnail...it miraculously appeared..after I had
given up! I had been told so many things. Too much horizon, too many
pixels...the list droans on. I reduced pixels, cropped much of the
horizon and never did this work.

HHhhmmm as Mark would say. I paid a few extra $$$ and now everything
The response from this site has been consistent together with the level
of bookings. We will continue to advertise with Cyberentals.
A big problem with Cyberentals is that they unrealistically limit
the owner to just choosing 'some' of the appropriate categories for
their VR. Here are some examples:

Choose up to two:
beach, resort, waterfront, downtown, river, lake, rural, mountain,
town, near the ocean, village

Theme -- choose a max of 2

adventure, away from it all, budget, family, historic, luxury,
romantic, spa, tourist attractions

Cyberentals was a great site for me before the merger, and I'm still hoping it
rebounds. May tracking stats indicate that it has not.

I like the fact that Cyberentals links to our website which provides a great
deal more information. However, this link is located at the very
bottom of the page, and on the top of the same page they offer a
link 'to other rentals' in this area which is much more visible.
Since we're paying for the ad, we don't think Cyberentals should be offering
links to other rentals on our page, while practically hiding the link
to our website that shows the floor plan and location map etc.

Cyberentals do offer links to our guestbook and calendar.

2/06 - Cyberentals worked great for me in 2005. It’s not working so far this year. Wished I’d known about the decrease in traffic before I renewed (I wouldn’t have…)

I do believe you should point out Cyberentals differential scale for properties. Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and Vermont listings are subject to higher listing fees on Cyberentals which to my view is discriminatory.  The higher rates were when Cyberentals published a printed catalog of homes which they haven't done for two years.  It is also worth noting that Cyberentals started in Vermont and have the highest number of listings in Vermont which is perhaps why they don't want to offer us the same rates as in other states.  To my view Cyberentals is the only vacation rental web site with this geographical discriminatory practice. ( Owner in Vermont)

I listed with VRBO, A1 vacations, Cyberentals, Gulf Coast Vacations, and Arrange Your Vacation.  I am happy to say that within a few days, I found a great tenant who rented my home for two months in June and July, which is off season.  I also received several other inquiries from them.  I would say at this point that Cyberentals has given me the best results of all of the sites so far, although it has only been listed for about two weeks. (Owner in Cape Coral, Florida)


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