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Our Abritel rental was an absolute disaster and we got no help from them after the fact, nothing but lying and a big run around. We rented in Ronda Spain in August, the home was listed as air conditioned. It had one small anemic floor unit that was useless in cooling even the room it was in let alone the rest of the house. To make matters worse, the beautiful home and lawn was situated in the middle of a huge barnyard with chickens, cows, and other animals which created an unbearable smell. None of that was visible in the pictures, only the nice house. So we could not open the windows without an overpowering smell. We ended up leaving the rental in the middle of the first night and staying in a hotel for the rest of the stay. The owner provided us with no satisfaction, and Abritel was USELESS -- they kept telling me they would talk to the owner and get back to me but it was clear that they had no intention of doing anything except hoping I'd eventually give up. DO NOT USE ABRITEL -- THEY ALLOW FALSE ADVERTISING AND APPLY NO PENALTIES OR DELISTING FOR FALSE ADVERTISING. BEWARE. (Owner in Spain)
I am glad to see that Abritel now offers its users an opportunity to comment on their experiences as a renter through Abritel.  Hopefully, my comments may save others from experiencing a similar situation.  In brief, in May and June, 2007 rented an apartment for 2 weeks in Paris, 11th arrondisement.  Horrible experience: severe bedbug infestation.  Hundreds of bites; severe allergic reactions; lost hundreds of dollars worth of clothing, etc. that had to be destroyed.  The rental owner was not at all helpful -- she was, in fact, dishonest in her dealings with us.  Be careful!
We have been with Abritel for one year in 2009 to test if it would be worth advertising with them. We had quite some response but mainly french clients and mainly for the period 15.07- 15.08 as this is the period where all the french seemed to go on holiday.
Our add was one month after the start of our advertising period life online. We claimed an extra thirteenth month which we thought we had the right to but their answer was no.
At the end of our advertising period they offered us a prolongation of the same package for 380 which was 180 higher than our first year with them. Our first year was a special offer but I told them that a difference of 180 was to much and not to be taken seriously. So finally we quite with them although we wanted to prolongate our ad (Owner in France)


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