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Rentalia continues along its innovative trend and has announced a new up and running system that tracks and publishes the replies of each accommodation to the e-mails sent by travellers, as well as the average response time.

Rentalia observed how travellers are contacting owners more and more by telephone and less by e-mail. This drop in the number of contacts by e-mail is mainly due to the poor response. Some owners do not reply systematically and quickly to e-mails sent by travellers.  Very often the owner does not bother answering the traveller if the accommodation is already booked. Therefore, more and more travellers prefer to contact the owner by telephone instead of by
e-mail, to ensure an immediate reply.

The benefits of the new system:

   *Greater information for the traveller: By publishing the rate of response of each accommodation and the average answer time, Rentalia  improves the information to the traveller which, in turn, enables them to manage their expectations better: if a traveller sees that an accommodation usually provides a prompt response, they may opt to contact by e-mail. However, if they see that an accommodation does not usually answer or usually provides late replies they will probably
choose to contact by telephone.

   * A reward to the accommodations that provide prompt replies: your rate and speed of response will be published in your Rentalia page.

How does Rentalia measure the response time? Without entering into technical jargon, both the messages sent to the holiday homes and their replies go through Rentalia. They can therefore measure the rate and speed of response. These are everyday e-mails that go through an intermediary  address (the owner answers by e-mail, and does not have to go through
Rentalia.com to do so).

Initial results: currently only between 20 to 30% of e-mails are being  answered in less than 48 hours!

Worldwide innovation?

"We do not know of any other website that offers this kind of solution (although probably somebody, somewhere, has already introduced it, but we have not found it anywhere else).  This is something that Rentalia has managed from scratch and that, in my opinion, is a major breakthrough. As far as I know, it is the first time that a holiday home
rental website measures and publishes the response time of the accommodations.

In another sector, we find eMagister who also measure the response time of advertisers but make these answer through their management interface, without allowing them to answer by e-mail. I believe that this solution offered by Rentalia is quite stylish because it does not compete with e-mail and allows the advertiser to answer from their own personal
e-mail account."





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