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My wife and I rented an apartment for two weeks in Tropea, Italy through Homelidays.com, a Paris-based agency with 28,000 rentals in 85 countries.  The website stated that “98% of renters satisfied with their stay.”  The apartment we selected had received 100% glowing reviews from previous renters.  When we arrived, we discovered the description the owner had given to the website contained major misrepresentations as to location, size and features.  The apartment was totally unacceptable for our purposes; we forfeited our deposit and found other accommodations.  On our return, I wrote a negative review for the property.  Homelidays, however, refused to post the review, saying the owner disagreed with it and Homelidays had no way of telling who was right.  No wonder there were only positive reviews!  Nothing on Homelidays’ website said negative reviews were not published.  Obviously Homelidays is only interested in renting properties and is not interested in giving its customers honest feedback. 
It appears that owners can edit renters' testimonials, or even choose not to publish them at all. I have recently written two testimonials; in one, the owner deleted the important information that there are over 100 steps up to the apartment; the other, which had a few mild criticisms (there could have been a lot more - the apartment was quite dirty) has not appeared at all. What is the point of having testimonials if only the positive points are ever published?


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